感恩父母的英语作文 篇一

In your life, parents are the best, but you can’t leave your parents in your life and repay your parents when you grow up. When you were a child, if you were sick, your parents would take care of you, even if you couldn’t sleep, and watch over the night. If parents are ill, can you take care of your parents? When I was a child, my parents gave us a lot of things, which gave us a lot of happiness and gave us a lot of warmth. When you grow up and don’t give back to your parents, do you think you will go? So we need to love our parents and be grateful to our parents.

Third grade: liu yi shading.

感恩父母的信英文 篇二

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanksgiving is coming,I want to show my thanks to you.

I promise,I will be your good daughter(女儿)。I will study english harder.

Mom,Dad,i will do the best,you wait and see.

Thank you,Mom and Dad.

Happy thanksgiving,Mom ang Dad.

you dear daughter











感谢父母的英语作文 篇三

Leaves hovering in the sky, composed with numerous Thanksgiving movement, that is the tree to nourish it the gratitude of the earth; White clouds in the blue sky floating, painting the picture of elegantly touching, that is the white clouds of Thanksgiving to feed its blue sky. Because Thanksgiving will have this colorful world, because Thanksgiving will be sincere friendship, because gratitude to let us know the true meaning of life.

In this world, to the people we love the most, is our parents. Since we “quack” fell to the ground, we assume the important task of raising our parents. A father like a mountain, will never reach his peak, a mothers love is like a trickle, moistens our sweet dream.

Love makes the world constantly rotating. Parents love www.baihuaw www.xiaoxiaoedu.com en.cnis far higher than mountains, deep than the sea, as we know only clothing to hand, foot. And seems to have a barrier, let us become selfish, forgotten once parents pay, forget that every joy. Recall the past, whether you pass a cup of warm tea after parents overworked, send a greeting card for their birthday, when they lost in a double greetings and comfort. They tend to pour into the painstaking effort, energy for us, and we ever remember their birthday, realize their overworked, the plumes of silver, and a little wrinkle, not are engraved with the years vicissitudes of life, engraved with the trace of parents work for us? Sometimes, because the parents of a few words of criticism, we will glare at them. Every child is the parents who falls off a pet project, which of the parents dont want their children to grow up, they care about is for our treatment, they must be very sad at the moment. In our hearts, only oneself, for others, no matter what we do, and never want to stand in the Angle of the parents, and as parents, the first thought is we, no matter how much pain and tears mixed with behind, they never mention a word, in front of us just faking a smile. We cant meet the requirements of the parents in the material, dont let parents happy things to do? So, we should be more considerate of parents mood, to touch their hearts trauma, to listen to their inner monologue.

I often rejoice oneself is lucky. I have a love me, care for my mother, she is virtuous and gentle; I have a prompted me to forward, push strength of my father, he is tough and smart. This often makes me feel satisfied, feel oneself is the most happy children, under the sun though sometimes with parents in some corners of the mouth, but I know that parents are always our love, I be careful with the grace of god. Old saying “dripping of grace, when animals are reported.” Is that parents for we pay not only “a drop of water”, but a piece of sea, no, maybe more distant than the ocean, a vast, more pure, more thoughtful, so I want to attentively to feel, to return.

Let us with a grateful heart to treat their parents, with a sincere heart to communicate with their parents, dont think parents are granted to help us to do anything, they brought us to this beautiful world is great enough, and will we raise, thanked, and silently to pay for us. Thanksgiving, thank parents do for us.

感恩父母的信英文 篇四

Dear my mother,

The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day.Anna Jarvis talked about in the Chapel of the heroes who died in the battle of the story, she said to pray: "I hope that somewhere, sometime, someone will create a Mother's Day, to commemorate and pay tribute to the mother of the United States and around the world." Mother's Day This is to.

Mother too much for us to do too much, we should thank her: she has given us life, and to raise us. Here I am the mother to the whole world to say: "Thank you, you have worked hard!"

感谢父母的英语作文 篇五

Good evening dear teachers and fellow participants. I am very glad to make a speech here. I hope you will enjoy it. How time flies!Now I am a senior high school student and bee an independent and brave girl. When I go out for a walk,breathing the free and fresh air,I always tell myself:all that I have now should be owed to my family,especially my parents. It is they who create my new life.

When I was a child,I was very naughty. Even though I was a girl,what I did showed I had the same characteristics as some boys living near my house. At that time,I preferred to play water and climb trees. There was no doubt that I dropped into the water and wetted my clothes. On hearing the word,my mother took me home in a hurry and dressed me in a clean dress,and then she gave me a good beating. I didn’t have any reaction but cry as loudly as I can. Originally I hoped the cry would change her mind and she might no longer beat me. However,it was just my sweet dream. I was still beaten by her frequently because of my bad habit and behavior. My father also scolded me hard,which was due to his bad temper. So the impression my parents made on me was very strict and they lost their temper easily,it seemed as if I was not their daughter and they didn’t love me at all.

After my little brother’s birth,my life changed a lot.My brother was also a naughty boy; he always liked to make troubles. Sometimes he broke a plate,a bowl or something. He pointed out to my mum that it was I who did it. My mother often hated someone who did that,so I had no choice but to tolerate all scold and beat for him. Therefore,I was fed up with him,and we often quarreled with each other. Finally my mother taught me a lesson and reminded me now that I was the elder sister; I should take care of him and try to be patient with him. The reasons didn’t convince me. On the contrary,I thought she had a preference for my brother,it made me unfortable.

In reality,I experienced a lot in my childhood. I suffered from many diseases,which brought a lot of troubles for my parents,but they managed to cure me and did their best to let me enjoy the bright sunshine as others. However,what I got from it was not the happiness from their care,but the sigh of my miserable life. How foolish I was﹗

While I was studying in the Junior High School,what impressed me most was the quarrel with my mother. At that moment,my father worked in a remote place for my tuition and expenses of the whole family. I was in a boarding school so that I could only go home over the weekend. What a precious opportunity I had﹗Nevertheless,I lost it. After I returned home,I still quarreled with my mother. I plained that she did wrong to me and could not understand my feeling—actually I had never spoken it,I just keep a diary instead. I hated her preference for my brother. Later on,on my grade 2,I seemed to have realized I had done something wrong in the past. I was very regretful,and decided to change it. As a result,I promised myself that I must study hard to live up to their expectations. I made the best of my spare time and spent it on my study. At last,I entered into a Jiaoling Senior High School.

During my three years in the school,I really studied diligently,and I had never forgotten those words of encouragement my parents gave me. Whenever I was frustrated,I could always get the fort from it even though I couldn’t escape the misfortune. One day,my mother had a car accident. The moment I heard the news,my head spun. She had been in hospital for a long time but I couldn’t see her and even look after her since my father didn’t allow me to do so. I blamed myself all the time ever since. I wished I had replaced her to bear the pain. Shortly the new session was ing,I threw into a dilemma. In the end,I made up my mind to quit the school. my father urged me to go to school but I didn’t agree. The result was that my father and my head teacher managed to persuade me to go on with my study. From then on,I understood the real meaning of my life. I treasured every chance,sparing no effort to my study. My mother was treated for a period of time and finally she recovered. A ston

e hanging up in my he

art was put down. With my efforts to master more knowledge,I was admitted to go to the university. On hearing the exciting news,my parents smiled happily.

In a word,my life was full of ups and downs,but it did not let me down. Now,even though I can’t see my parents because of the long distance,I insist on calling my parents up twice a week,chatting with them. Without them,my future would be in darkness. On Thanksgiving Day,I want to say “I love you” to them in a loud voice. I also thank all the parents for the great efforts they make. In the meantime,I wish them be happy.

We are more than we can express to our parents,who literally shaped us from an exciting idea to mature independence. First,let us give thanks to them for having the mitment to dedicate their lives to raise children. Putting aside one’s own selfish pleasures and conveniences for the sake of another is the hallmark of a loving person. To those with children,let us give thanks to you,where deferred gratification is a daily challenge. Next,let us give thanks to parents for protecting children. Kids are vulnerable,and keeping them free from harm allows them to develop in a context of support and security. Kids without this safety often are thrust prematurely into the adult world and later feel saddened that they missed the opportunities of growing up without conflict.

Finally,let us give thanks for parents as teachers. Children are born as fairly undifferentiated personalities,and parents,over the years,transmit literally millions of messages which eventually shape children’s personalities. While conflict or self-absorbed messages can have a negative effect on a child’s developing personality,messages based upon parent’s reflected values can teach positive habits monly associated with personal happiness and success. This teaching is continuous throughout childhood and probably throughout life. The more thoughtful the message,the more prepared the child is to confront the developmental challenges of life.

So,let us give thanks for good parenting — the mitment,protection and teaching which develops a child’s best qualities and benefits the entire munity.